Violeds VSM+

Violeds VSM+
Violeds VSM+
Violeds VSM+
Violeds VSM+
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Your Personal Sanitizer  

The Violeds "VSM+" Series Multi-purpose Ultraviolet Sanitizer Device sterilizes your mask and gear with the power of our proprietary UV-C LED technology - proven to eradicate 99.9% of virus and bacteria. Each charge lasts up to 40 minutes, allowing you to use the UV light sanitizer wirelessly at the desk or around the house. It includes one-touch controls with voice guidance, as well as a world-class triple-safety system for peace of mind.

  • Lightweight & Wireless - Each charge lasts up to 40 minutes

  • Triple-safety system - Timer, tilt, and UV sensor ensures sanitation without risk of skin exposure.

  • UV Sensor Device - detects the emittance of UV-C light at the effective wavelength used for sterilization, then verifies authenticity with an audible alert. Please note device is included for pre-use testing and not required for the sterilization operation. (Refer to the user manual for details)

  • Touch controls with voice feedback - One-touch controls enable setting the sterilization to one, three, five, or seven minutes. Voice feedback will let you know when sterilization starts and finishes.

  • Eco-friendly solution - UV LEDs contain no mercury other toxic chemicals found in traditional UV lamps.

  • Violeds UV-C LED technology sterilizes 99.9% of more than five types of bacteria and viruses.

In the box
  • VSM+ Sanitation Device 

  • UV Sensor Device

  • USB cable 

  • User-Manual 

  • Full one-year warranty 

    Sterilize up to 7 minutes

    With one-touch controls, the VSM+ is easy to use. Simply place your item inside and tap to select a time. 


    The VSM+ is lightweight and wireless, operating up to 40 minutes on a single charge. This means more freedom to sanitize products around the house.


    We understand UV-C exposure is harmful to more than just viruses and bacteria, so we took the extra measure to create a safe product for your home. The VAC+ is equipped with advanced sensors that automatically cut power when the lid is removed.

    We are leaders in UV LED Technology

    Sensor Electronic Technology, inc. (SETi) is a US-based company that is part of Seoul Semiconductor and Seoul Viosys. Our company developed Violeds technology and takes pride as being the world’s leading supplier of deep UV LEDs, with emission wavelengths ranging all the way down to 365nm. Using our proprietary and patented technology, we develop, manufacture and sell standard LED products under the UVTOP® trademark and custom LED products and solutions under the UVCLEAN® trademark into public and private sectors. We are committed to meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers and stakeholders through the highest levels of quality management to develop and manufacture a broad portfolio of UV-A, UV-B and UV-C LED products and application solutions.

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