VSM+ Features

  • No harmful chemicals, such as mercury and ozone, are used – only safe sterilization with only UV-C LED light, so it can be used around infants and the elderly.

  • Sterilization chamber is large enough for unfolded masks, as well as smartphones up to 6 inches.

  • One-button operation

  • One-touch power button enables easy ON / OFF operation.

  • The system verifies proper sterilization through an audible alert.

  • A UV sensor detects the presence of UV-C light, the effective wavelength used for sterilization, and verifies it with an audible alert. The sensor is intended for pre-use testing and is not required for the sterilization operation. (Refer to user manual for details.)

  • The VSM+ Series system features the world’s only triple safety device (timer, light sensor, UV sensor)

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